“My experience as a patient at Phoenix Children’s taught me how each interaction with a Hospital employee can affect your day,” Amanda said. “It shapes the way I provide nursing care.”

When she was 16, Amanda became sick with what her family thought was the flu. Days later she ended up in the Hospital, and they learned she was extremely ill, diagnosed with a rare disease called Lemierre’s syndrome. Amanda underwent six surgeries in five weeks and spent nearly two months in the Hospital, with more than 50 people treating her. Left weakened and emaciated, she endured weeks of physical therapy to regain her strength and appetite.

While her illness was an unexpected and devastating time, Amanda said, “We felt listened to and cared for by all Hospital staff.” 

Now she’s the one offering compassionate care as a nurse to patients far and near, traveling on a medical mission trip to help children in Africa, as well as treating patients on the hematology and oncology floor of the very hospital where she was once a patient.